6. 8. 2022

Paper in Anthropology News on ‘Raven Polluters’

Daniel and his co-authors David and Roman published a popular paper in a special issue of Anthropology News focused on waste: 

Sosna, D., Henig, D., and Figura, R. (2022) Raven Polluters. Anthropology News, 63(3): 21-23.

It is early spring in West Bohemia. In the forest, the retreating snow has exposed hundreds of white plastic cups to the pale sunshine. They sit on a layer of spruce needles and occasional tufts of grass like surreal eggshells crushed under the paws of an unknown giant creature. But unlike eggshells, these shiny plastic pieces will take ages to decompose. Where did they come from? Who is responsible for such conspicuous littering? …