Principal Investigator

Daniel Sosna

Daniel is a senior researcher in the Department of Ecological Anthropology, Institute of Ethnology, Czech Academy of Sciences and PI of the project ‘Waste Regime at a Crossroad’. He received his PhD in anthropology from Florida State University in 2007. Prior to joining CAS, he taught anthropology for 14 years at the University of West Bohemia. Daniel is a specialist on ethnographic and archaeological research on waste with regional focus on Central Europe. His theoretical interests include disposal, informality, transformation of value, and waste trajectories. He co-edited the books Archaeologies of Waste: Encounters with the Unwanted (Oxbow Books, 2017) and Thrift: From Domestic to Political Economy (Berghahn, 2022). Daniel is a former Fulbright fellow and recipient of grants from the Czech Science and Wenner-Gren Foundations.